Academic Link

Academic Link

Highlight your important academic work

Academic Link is a feature of your Owlstown website. It's a centralized page that links to your important research content on your academic website and across the web, such as Google Scholar, ORCID, Publons, and ResearchGate. You can also share your CV and write a short blurb about yourself and your research. It's a great way to enhance your online academic presence.
Researchers and academics often struggle with sharing their important work across multiple places online. In their academic website. In department webpages. In academic profiles. In social media.
With Academic Link, you can have an easily accessible page that highlights your important research content. Share your Academic Link on social media profiles, email signatures, business cards, conference posters, and presentations to make your work easier to find.
Create and customize your Academic Link in minutes.
Link to all of your online profiles: Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ORCID, Publons, ResearchGate, Twitter, etc.
Share your Academic Link anywhere you like.
Add your unique Academic Link URL to all of the online profiles where people find you. Make it easy for people to find all of your academic content.
Create a QR code to share your Academic Link.
Create a QR code that points to your Academic Link. Put it on your posters and presentations, email signature, and business cards.

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